How You Treat Your *Waitress...

...Says A Lot About What Kind of Person You Are!

*Maybe a more appropriate name would be Restaurant Server (waiter or waitress).

My Point:

Jana and I were in Red Robin today with Jana's Dad, his wife Lorena and our two kids. There was a table behind us that looked to be a father, mother and 3 kids eating there as well. (I people watch and often ease drop ... so I heard the whole thing) when the waitress brought their food to them they rudely told their waitress some "things" were not to their liking, like their cheese sticks, which we supposed to be an appetizer, came out with the meal, their Ketchup bottle was empty and something else silly wasn't up to their standard. There was a part of me that wanted to empty the bottle of Ketchup on their head ... but then I realized that wouldn't be right either. LOL! Seriously, so your Cheese Sticks came out a few minutes late ... is it that that big of a deal really? I mean come on ... in light of world hunger, child prostitution, Aids, and poverty ... is it something to fuss over, and act like a buffoon? If so, you've got issues!

Now, first of all I don't have a problem with asking for things to be done right or even expecting things to be right ... like cooking it to your specifications, or maybe even reporting to the manager that things were "not satisfactory." Because this can help them do better in the future! And I can even understand being frustrated that things weren't how you ordered them... I get all that!

But what I do have a problem with is when people are rude, and just down right mean or snooty to a waitress/waiter. The parents were terrible examples to their children on how to treat people in this situation. I personally think people who are mean to waitresses/waiters have issues of pride and stupidity (it's a spirit of superiority that stinks and is nothing like Jesus whatsoever!)

Listen, if you are a Christian (or call yourself one) then be nice to people, especially those who serve you ... don't be a jerk! And if you can't control yourself, then don't go out to eat ... ever!