We Don't Have to Agree to Be Friends

I find it rather humorous that many Christians feel that they can not attend a church, or be someone's friend unless they agree with them on everything. "They must see it my way... or it's the highway!" They say. Ha ha! That is so immature and childish! Of course it's not like that here at Mercy Church, since all those people left already (lol!)

As a pastor I think it's important to teach and preach the truth as you see it, that is what I do, BUT I am also very aware that it is often just that; "how I see it", and how I see it may change as I grow and mature. This has been true so far in my 40 year life. What I used to believe in some areas has definitely grown and developed through the years ... with life experience and kids ... we change!

My core beliefs have not changed, for example; I believe that Jesus is the savior of the world! Absolutely confident in that truth! Now, what has changed is how I maybe define the meaning of that truth. What does it mean that Jesus is the savior of the world ... what does that mean for you, for me, and for the world around us. How does it effect my life, how I live, how I interact with others, etc. That truth has grown in me over the years to mean so much more than it did 20 years ago.

Back to my point; We don't have to agree to be friends! This is a true sign of maturity in a Christ-follower ... when they can agree to disagree and still walk in unity not conformity!

Case and point; I was having lunch with a Christian who is Pro-Choice. I am Pro-Life. We discussed each others perspectives, obviously seeing it completely different, yet we did it agreeable. I don't hate him, he doesn't hate me ... we both love Jesus and yet see the world a bit different. Guess what, that's okay! I know you narrow-minded fundamentalist types have a problem with that I am sure ... and guess what ... I am okay with you having a problem with that! God still loves you, even though you are wrong. lol!