Walking Out

As I think about the day I said, "I do" (15 years ago) I remember thinking, "wow, I am married ... now what?"

Just like most couples, when I was walking out of the church, I never wanted to walk out on Jana, or have her walk out on me ... I wanted our marriage to be a "till death to us part" deal. And I am prayerful that that is what it will be! I hope that we will be still crazy in love for our 50th ... even our 75th (though, I'll be 100 years old)... that will be cool!

So what can we (those who are married) do about that?

There is a lot we can do ... and truthfully it does "take a lot" to have a happy marriage. As I have said before, "good marriages don't just happen, you make good marriages happen!"

I could give you the 1, 2, 3's ... but it would take 100 posts to go through it all ... so here is my advice: READ SOME GREAT MARRIAGE BOOKS!

1) The Seven Principles to Making Marriage Work by Gottman
2) His Needs, Her Needs by Dr. Harley
3) Love is a Decision by Smalley
4) Building Your Mate's Self-esteem by Rainey
5) The Five Love of Languages by Gary Chapman
6) Boundaries in Marriage by Henry Cloud

If you have any specific questions about marriage you would like me to address, please email me! I would love to help you anyway I can!

Bottom: You can have a wonderful marriage ... you really can, IF YOU DO WHAT IT TAKES!