Dream Again

Remember when we were young (or younger) and we had dreams about what life would be like? What our marriage would be like, what our job would be like ...? Maybe you even had a picture of what your house would look like, the dog you'd have, the car you'd drive? What your kids would look like? Remember that? What has happened to that dream?

Yes, I understand that some of those childhood "dreams" were unrealistic, and far fetched, BUT many of them weren't ... so what happened to your dreams? Have you pushed them aside as childhood fantasies? Impossibilities?

What happen to your dreams? Do you even dream anymore? Why, or why not?

Please dream again! This world needs dreamers, people who will dream the impossible dreams, then with God's help DO THE IMPOSSIBLE!

If nothing else I hope that today's blog will renew your passion for life, for dreaming, for taking the limits off you mind ... dream!