Sex - A Gift

I think we have forgotten that Sex is a gift from God to couples who have entered into covenant with each other - what we refer to as "marriage."

I know, I know, I sound "old fashion" or "fuddy duddy" or even "ultra-traditional" here, but it's true. But I only bring this up, not to further frustrate the single person, but to encourage the married person ... HAVE SEX, and lots of it! Sex is something that God has blessed you and your spouse with ... it's a gift FROM GOD to YOU and your spouse ... enjoy the gift! Often!


1) Find new places to do it.
2) Find new ways to do it.
3) Find other ways to pleasure one another besides the old faithful. (The "old faithful" is the normal thing ... change it up)
4) Buy a Kama-sutra book - read and follow instructions!
5) If you have kids in the home - then take advantage of any time they are gone or outside playing. (You can clean the house later ... just lock the doors)
6) See how many times a day you can do it!
7) See how many times in one night you can do it!
9) Spend an hour just touching and kissing.
10) Play Doctor.