Greener Grass

Maybe you've heard it said, "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence". I am here to tell you that that isn't true! Or should I say there is a reason it is true in some cases!

Of course I am referring to marriage here ... this happens to all marriages at some point along the way, but hopefully gets corrected quickly before you mess things up. Just like a plane flying across country has to "course correct" many times along the way, so do marriages!

So you get married to your "perfect spouse" ... lol, right? All you could see back then was ALL the great traits, all the reasons you just had to marry this guy or girl! Side note here: I officiate about 25 plus weddings a year, and this is true! I will ask these starry-eyed couples; "is there anything that bothers you about your future spouse that we should talk about and figure out before you walk the isle?" Typically the response is always, "Oh no, we never fight ... I guess we are just made for each other (giggle, giggle..."

I always sit there laughing inside thinking, "oh there will come a day that you'll have a LIST of things that bother you!" But this is the way most all of us started out.

So what happens? Easy ... back in the dating days we maximized the traits we liked, and minimized the traits we didn't like ... therefor the GRASS WAS GREENER AT HOME! Hence the reason you walked the isle, signed the contract, said some vows, even shed a tear of joy and changed your last name. But after time that switches and we maximize the traits we hate, and minimize (forget) the traits we like ... and we then maximize the traits we like of someone else and minimize the traits we don't like of someone else... this is when the grass starts becoming greener on the other side of the fence! Because now you are watering over the fence!

I know that marriage issues are vast and complicated, but I am pretty confident when I say, "I can help couples fix most any marriage issue they have." IF (always an IF in there) ... IF they are willing to do what I tell them to do!