The One Thing

As I reflect on the state of so many marriages in our country I was thinking about the ONE THING that every spouse can bring to the table of their marriage. Not all of us can bring untold fortunes, or fame, or flawless bodies, or a full head of hair, or cottage-free thighs, or the V-shape (men), or the hour glass shape (women), or whatever else it is that we sometimes feel is so important in a relationship. But what we all can bring to the marriage table is LOVE.

Now when I say love I am talking about the God kind of love. We are all capable of giving love to our spouse, but many times we withhold it for various reasons, of course we justify why.

I know in my relationship with Jana, I can't (at least at this time) offer her untold riches or many of the other things I listed above, but what I can do is love her like she's never been loved or ever will be loved.

Are you loving your spouse more that they've ever been loved or ever could be loved?

My little boy (he is 7) asked me as soon as he got in the car after school in his cute little voice today, "Daddy, are you and Mommy ever going to break up?" I said, "well honey what makes you ask that?" He said, "it was in my own head." I assured him that Mommy could never leave me because there isn't anyone on this planet who could treat her as good as I do... this goes both ways.

I am pretty sure his thoughts came from a couple of his friends whose parents have "broken up" and he doesn't want that to happen to us. I understand that completely.

I think that if in all marriage if each spouse would give THE ONE THING they can give; LOVE ... it would make for a happy home!

Disclaimer: This isn't to excuse someone who is not providing financially for their home yet they show love... to me to truly show love IS to provide for your family.