Do Good on Good Friday

We are in the midst of Holy Week, and for those of you who are aware I issued a challenge to the entire city (KC) to "live holy the week of Holy Week" ... and I am not sure how it's working out for you, but I am becoming more aware of my faults honestly! God help me!

As part of the Holy Week Challenge I would like to challenge you to DO SOMETHING GOOD on GOOD FRIDAY.

1) Buy the person's coffee in the line behind you!
2) Give your boss a thank you card (thanking him/her that you have a job)
3) Give your spouse a thank you card (thanking them for staying with you . lol!)
3) Give a card to your kids!
4) Give a card to parents!
5) Give something special to your employees.
6) Say thank you to the cashier, or the person who sacks your groceries, or the person who takes your order ...
7) Give a $1 to a homeless person.
8) Be creative and think of something!

Do something GOOD for GOOD FRIDAY!