What If ...

Q: What would be the 10 things (plus one) you would do if you won $1,000,000.00 cash today, tax free?

Here is what I would do:

1) Write our tithe/offering check to my local church (Mercy Church) for $150,000.00.
2) Research a ministry or program to invest in … or start our own ministry to help hurting children and families - $100,000.00.
3) Set aside $200,000 in a trust fund for kids college .
4) Refinance house and put $100,000 down … to bring monthly payment down.
5) Pay off both vehicles - $17,000.00.
6) Pay off Dentist bill (all the families root canals and crowns) - $5,000.00.
7) Invest in our future – not sure where or what … that would be a matter of prayer. - $250,000.00.
8) Finally take the family trip we’ve always wanted to take and haven’t cause of money – Disney World in Orlando Florida - $3000.00.
9) Take a tour of the Holy Land - $5,000.00.
10) Build an office library in our house - $10,000.00 (we have a “reading room” in our house (10X12), which is one of the reasons we bought the house, and it’s unfurnished and just sits empty … we’d like to fully furnish it (desk, reading chairs, etc.) and line the 2 available walls with custom wood bookshelves floor to ceiling for the hundreds of books we have piled around.

Plus one: Put the $160,000 left over in a high interest money market account.

How you answer this question tells a lot about you ... and of course the true test is if what you say is what you really truly would do if you were given $1 million... so be honest here! Here is the reality ... if you don't give your church $100 out of your $1000 paycheck ... there's a pretty good chance you wouldn't give $100,000... "...to whom much is given much is required..."