The Struggle

I think if we are honest we all “struggle” with something; whether its dealing with in-laws, or depression, anxiety, lust, fear, anger, rebellion, hatred, bitterness, gossip, lying, stealing, resentment, judgment, selfishness, greed, etc.

I use the word “struggle” loosely … because some do not actually “struggle” they “give in”, therefore there is no “struggle” going on. When I say “struggle” I am thinking of the person who is engaged in an actual fight against the thing that is trying to destroy their life … taking an offensive stance rather then just giving in to the whims of desire or feelings that lurk in us all.

I think this is the victory we have is that we do struggle, we do fight, we do war within … if you are not “struggling” then you are either dead (which would be weird that you can access the internet) or you have just given into whatever your flesh desires to do. This is what gets people in trouble. Right? Like the guy who desires women, lots of women, and rather than fight the good fight of faith and be true to his one and only, he “gives up the struggle” and indulges himself in a woman other than his wife. Then the trouble begins.

We are all capable of this! Myself included! I think most men I know … if they were honest … wouldn’t be opposed to having Solomon’s problem of having hundreds of wives. It’s just not legal!

I celebrate 15 years in just a couple months and I have not had an affair, but it’s not because I am intrinsically different or better or more spiritual then those who have. I have thoughts, desires and temptations like any other person on the planet … I think the difference is “I struggle”! I fight against those desires that lurk within … those feelings that are leading me away from what is good and right!

So I challenge you to join me in the STRUGGLE against SIN! Live HOLY! And if you do – EVERYONE WINS!