Online Dating

Jana and I married just after Al Gore created the internet. (Cough, cough …ha ha) So there was no internet dating options available when we were dating, so how we met was the old fashion way (I scratched my name and number in a few women’s bathroom walls at places like Crown Center and Jana called - Lol!)

We didn’t even have a computer until after we were married for a year. Wow, I feel old! (We married in June of 1994).

I do believe that changing times calls for changes in the way we do things … and internet dating is definitely a valuable tool in meeting people and here are some guiding principles you would do well to follow.

I obviously do not have any experience with internet dating, but I do understand people, how relationships work, and love, so I have some insight that should be helpful for those who are in the internet “dating” scene and want to find true love.

1) Find the right site – No all sites are created equal. I have no idea which ones are good, but do your research! Also find one that fits who you are looking for … meaning; if you are a healthy-eating vegetarian, then find an “online dating service” for vegetarians (yes, there are sites that are that specific). There is a site for single farmers looking to meet other single farmers even. So people like that would talk about milking cows and raising chickens in their profile … I am sorry, I just had to say that!

Obviously find a reputable site that doesn’t promote smut! Some internet dating sites seem to be more about helping people find a sex partner then finding true love. Choose wisely!

2) Be HONEST on your profile – and that starts with your picture. Don’t have a picture of you from 20 years ago and 30 pounds lighter. Have a recent picture of yourself … sure have your “best” picture, but don’t doctor it with Photoshop! Secondly, (guys) don’t try and make yourself out to be a rich romantic guru if you are broke and think being romantic means you put on a little English Leather before you take her to McDonalds for a fish Sandwich. That will only lead to problems later … because if that isn’t who you are NOW then it will not be who you are later! BE HONEST! And the same goes for the girls…hear me here, it’s okay to mention your “good qualities”, but don’t inflate yourself to be someone you are not.

3) Be original and creative in your bio - Stay away from saying what everyone else says on their profile … “fun, charming and happy”. Be more descriptive of what a “FUN” day looks like for you, or in what ways are you “charming” and what things make you “happy”.

4) Don’t Settle – When you are dating you can not become desperate because then you “settle” for someone who on a good day you wouldn’t even consider. Be patience!

5) Be yourself – on the first date is the best time to just be you. I am not saying fart and belch, but just be you. Because what you do not want is for the person to fall in love with who you are ACTING like you are, then later they meet the real you and it all crashes … then everyone is hurt!

When I met Jana I, as most do, put my best foot forward … I put on the charm, I was romantic, and I was very complimentary and loving! But here’s the deal… you'll need to keep that up forever and if you do ... wow, you have a marriage most will admire!