I just want to say THANK YOU for reading my blog! I mean seriously, there are so many blogs out there, I do really appreciate that you take the time to read it, and especially when you make comments! If I am honest, it makes me feel loved!

I’ve never shared WHY I blog … so here it is; I “blog” my thoughts because I think we live in a culture that is trying to make sense of loving Jesus without being weird and hiding out in a little “Christian” subculture. I think you really want to impact this world for good. It’s what Christ has called us to! “Go ye into all the world and make disciples of all nations…” I want to do that, and I believe you do too! But HOW?

I have neighbors, friends, and other Christian people I know who do really love Jesus, but frankly they are weird in the eyes of seekers. I do not mean that as a slam… I promise. It’s just that they are outside the culture completely and are not reaching the lost people who are right around them! And I think this breaks the heart of God honestly! It's like the Bullhorn street evangelist guy I interviewed down in Westport ... he thought what he was doing was great and effective. But we interviewed people who passed by this dude, and they told a different story. They explained that, “if that is what being a Christian is all about … they are not interested!” I don’t blame them!

Notice that scripture says “go INTO…” which is exactly what Jesus did… he left the perfection of Heaven (where they only play “Christian Praise Music”, have “Godtube”, rated “G movies” and only serve “Non-alcoholic Grape Juice” and “Chic Fa La” is the only Fast Food Restaurant), to come “INTO” a broken hurting sin filled world. Jesus did not HIDE from the broken, the hurting and He definitely did not hide from the sinner… actually that was who He spent most His time with (you understand that’s ME and YOU).

I think we Christians think we are “not in that group”, but we are all sinners … even when you find Christ and receive His free gift of salvation, you are still a sinner … hence the reason you and I still sin … we are just SAVED sinners is all.

That is WHY I blog; to communicate this message of hope for all people and to play my small part of Leading People to a Healthy Relationship with Jesus Christ.