What is Happening?

I woke up this morning thinking about the over-all theme of the Bible; the story of God's love for humanity (you and me) and our falling short of returning the love. You see this clearly in the story of God’s people in the Old Testament. God kept coming through and people would soon forget the one true God and turn to foreign idols.

Honestly, if I can just be forthright here, I see this today in our society and in or churches too! And please, I am not pointing a finger here … I am including me in this conversation.

We are a culture who has in a general sense forgotten God and have turned to idols. And I think it’s for the same reasons the Israelites did it back in their time … God didn’t always ACT in the manor or in the timeframe that THEY wanted, they thought mostly of things in the context of THEIR COMFORT, rather then God’s PURPOSE. And here is the problem with this … just like for the Israelites when they turned away from God it wasn’t good, I believe it is the same for us here today, in America (supposedly a Christian Nation) … Yes, there are many Christians in America, and many Christian leaders, even our current President and President elect our professing Christians … but as a whole, we’ve got some changing to do if we are going to truly see the blessings of God on our Country and the people who make up our beautiful Country.

Sorry to blast you and me this morning … but I hope this blog drives you to your knees in search of the one true God.