It Matters

I love studying Theology, Doctrine and Bible Interpretation … that is not typically what people get excited about. I do believe that the Bible can help us define our life experiences. So it does matter what you and I believe about God, the Bible, and People, etc.

For example; What if you were always taught and you believed that you should “spend all you make … don’t let money burn a hole in your pocket… there will always be more tomorrow” … how would that affect your financial situation?

Some people believe that MORE money simply means MORE to spend … I’ve met many people like that. Then there are people who believe you should “save all you get … store up for a rainy day … there are no guarantees”.

Two different “beliefs” or “views on money”, which is right? I guess for some that may be debatable question. How about I ask it this way; which is the wiser? Probably for those who save save save … spend a little, and for those who spend spend spend … save a little.

So what is it you believe about God, Jesus, Man, Death, Life, the Bible, Life After Death, Meaning of Life, etc.? It matters what you believe because you will LIVE HOW YOU believe … or should I say you SHOULD live how you believe.

Think about it!