My First Time

Okay so yesterday I went downtown to study for my Sunday sermon. I ended up sitting in the main lobby area of Crown Center that overlooks the Governors Christmas Tree that is going up right now.

After an hour of study and a full Pumpkin Spice latte I needed to use the restroom really really bad. SO I pack up my computer, put in my iPod (listening to some really good teaching) and head to the facilities.

Now, I am sure you know what it is like to have your iPod in (or an mp3 player) … you are vaguely aware of things around you, but only vaguely. So I walk over to the very crowded Westin Crown Center Hotel lobby to use the bathroom (which I’ve used before) and I slip through the throngs of people and slide into the restroom …. vaguely aware.

As soon as I walk in I, vaguely, notice the nice sitting area in the “men’s bathroom” that I had not seen before in a “men’s bathroom” and thought to myself, “Wow, that’s nice … maybe I will sit there after I finishing going to the restroom”. I continue my (vague) journey (still listening to my teaching on iPod) into the “men’s bathroom” and turn another corner and think to myself, “oh, wow no urinals … interesting” so I do the slight lean over to see which stall is available … all are full but one, so I enter … leaving the door open (cause that’s what guys do) and do the classic standing guy pee thing (listening to my iPod teaching about Jesus).

As I am standing there I sense (vaguely) and see (vaguely) beside me and behind me a scurrying of people, fast moving shadows under the stalls … doors opening, closing, slamming, people running out of the bathroom. “mmm odd” I think to myself … “maybe they are all going to the same meeting and they are late”. I finish my business, turnaround to walk out and notice (vaguely) that “huh, I’ve never known of a guy’s restroom to have potpourri, lotions, and other girly stuff on the counters … fancy”

Though I normally wash my hands before leaving the “men’s restroom” I felt that something was amiss and that I should just leave. And when I opened the door to leave there is a crowd of women standing and pointing … at me … the “guy who was in the women’s restroom”.

I didn’t know what to say, but what stammered out through my big sheepy smile “Oh my gosh I was in the women’s restroom” and I put my head down and disappeared through the crowd feeling like all the women were looking and pointing. I even saw several security guards that I knew were looking for me! So embarrassed … my first trip to a women’s restroom!

You got a good story … share!