Leadership Lesson

I learned a valuable lesson in Leadership Sunday when about 20 guys, and one girl showed up for football practice for the Mercy Bowl VI game we play every year the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

Usually I run the game since I am the QB, well that hasn't always served us well because I never played organized football and really don't know the game all that well. I played Baseball, Tennis and Ping Pong growing up. My typical play call was - "just get open".

So this year I recognized that several guys and even the girl knew way more than me and I would be smart to have them run the show ... so that is what I did! I picked Amit Suri to run the Offense and Ely Parker to run the Defense ... and WOW, what a great practice we had!

I seriously think we are going to pound the church we are playing in the ground and make them cry like little sissy girls ... of course all in a Christian-nice-kind-of-way! Obviously!

Lesson I learned - as a leader, when you have a goal (to win the football game) and you have people who are way smarter and better then you willing to lead ... let them lead. Because then everyone is happier, including the "leader". Had I allowed my ego to stand in the way and not submitted to these guys knowledge and willingness to lead then we most likely we will lose the game this Sunday. So, now I am happy knowing that we are going to win (most likely), and if we don't ... I am not to blame! lol! Just kidding on that last part there... !