Confessions of a Pastor – 8 of 10

My Confession: I do not feel successful a lot of times!

Earl Nightingale said that “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal” (or worth while goal). I like that. If you are doing the things that are moving you toward the attainment of your goal today, then you are “successful” even if you are not where you’d like to be yet.

I guess the reason I love that definition is because I am moving in the right direction, but definitely have not reached the desired goal, yet.

I’ve also had a good friend tell me years ago just after graduating Bible College, “Timmy enjoy the journey, and then each day on your way is a success”. I need to remind myself of that every day as of late.

So, no matter where or what you are … have a plan and head in that general direction and each day you will be closer to your goal.