You may be thinking, “What is a guy doing talking about PMS?” well I am not going to talk about it in the context of PMS in the medical-womanly-monthly-deal … dear Lord help me! Ha!

I just wanted to let my life be an open book and tell you that I (along with other men I know) have PMS from time to time too. I woke up yesterday in what I would call a “pissy” mood (I am sorry if that word offends you … it’s just the best word to describe my mood yesterday … so forgive me).

Have you ever had those days? Weeks? Months? Years? When you are not totally sure why, but you are just unhappy. And it’s no ONE thing, it’s EVERY thing? You’re unhappy about the job, the car, the kids, the spouse, the house, the neighbors, the boss, the employees, the parents, the clothes, how the clothes fit, lack of money to buy new ones and the stinking little pesky animal running around that the kids said they wanted who is peeing in every corner of your stupid house? Been there?

I think if we are honest (which is the best way to be) we have all had those days. So the question is what to do about them? That is a great question, which I have been working through myself the last couple days. Here is what I am learning:

1) Don’t make any sudden moves (i.e. quit your job, murder your pet, etc.)

2) Keep doing what you KNOW is right (i.e. I have flashbacks of High School days, and think “I’ll make it all better by drinking a 6 pack of Coors Light … then I’ll feel better”.) But I refrain.

3) Hold your tongue (i.e. don’t spew all the hate that is rumbling in your head towards those closest to you. Continue to love.)

4) Talk to a trusted friend (i.e. Call a friend and say, “I am having a terrible day… and just spill it.)

5) Ask God to reveal to you the source of this mood

Let’s not over-spiritualize or over-dramatize this, sometimes we just have a bad day and it’s a part of life and it’s no big deal. But if “bad days” are frequent, then you may want to dig a bit deeper to find out WHY!

Much love!