The Bedroom 3 of 3

For those of you wondering this blog series, The Bedroom, was a result of a question I received a week ago. For that person and you I hope it has given you some things to think about and consider, that in the end will help you and your spouse have the most rewarding and fulfilling love life!

Now I will address the final question asked about sexual positions and what is appropriate…

III. Sexual Positions
To answer the question directly; "are any and all sex positions okay to try within marriage?" Yes, of course following the guidelines I laid out earlier in the blog series.

I would get a Kama sutra book! Everyone who is married should go purchase this kind of book today! There are many to choose from… just go to Barnes and Noble WITH YOUR SPOUSE and pick one, or order off which may be a bit more private for those of you who care. Some are more explicit then others, I encourage the cartoon drawing ones. Then, each night pick a different position to try.

This is what makes marriage fresh and fun, rather then boring and predictable. I am telling you, boring and predictable often leads to dissatisfaction and divorce! And obviously dissatisfaction can lead to making unhealthy choices that are very destructive.

I am very conservative in many ways, but also very liberal… actually we are all more conservative then others on some issues and more liberal than others on other issues. I am pretty conservative when it comes to marriage and the family!

Whether you agree or not with what I have shared, I hope at least it drives you to have some great conversations that in the end will bless your life!

Keep the questions coming!