The BEDROOM 1 of 3

*The following blog entry includes some explicit material… though done tastefully!

Thanks for your open and honest question Cleardensity!

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I. Oral Sex – This is using the mouth and/or tongue on the sex organ.

1) Is oral sex … sex? Despite what former president Bill Clinton says, yes it is sex! So, I am going to seem old fashion here, but that means that you should not engage in oral sex outside of a committed relationship (which is marriage).

2) Is oral sex okay within the context of a committed relationship (which is marriage)? Yes! Nowhere in scripture is oral sex forbidden. I believe God made the mouth for kissing, and what we kiss on our mate is our choice. Heb. 13:3-5

Here is the deal; if you think oral sex is wrong, then don’t do it! But don’t judge those who are free to do this… Paul teaches on this is the epistles when the Jews were trying to put the new Christian gentiles in bondage with their strict eating laws… don’t judge another person because they are free to eat meat… and you who are free don’t judge those who don’t eat meat! Same applies here.

Here is where the rub is; the wife is for it, and the husband isn’t. What do you do? Somewhere there needs to be a compromise. I feel that if a couple really loves each other then they want to please, and satisfy each other, and if oral sex is something they would like, then why not. Then on the other hand, if a couple really loves each other they wouldn’t want their spouse to feel pressured or uncomfortable … so again, there must be a compromise that both can be satisfied with.

Tomorrow… what is okay “sexually” within a marriage?