What Church Would Jesus Attend (W.C.W.J.A)

So, the question of the hour; what church would Jesus attend if He lived in the Kansas City area?

Would it be Olathe Life Fellowship? Honestly, to answer that in a way that would exclude any other church would reflect spiritual and biblical ignorance on the part of the person saying it!

Though, I can say with confidence that since Jesus (God) unlike us, is omni-present, meaning He can be everywhere at once, is attending many churches here in Kansas City!

To say that “my church is better than your church” is childish. But we can say that “my church is different then your church” and be correct.

I would say the real question is; is Jesus attending your church? A follow up question then would be; how do I know if He is or not?

1) Is the Bible taught?
2) Is Jesus talked about?
3) Are people encouraged to follow Christ? (now I will say that many of us come to the table with pre-conceived ideas of what this means… i.e. we must have an altar call each week… or we must invite people to repeat the sinners prayer… or we must do the sign of the cross on our chest, or whatever you or I have been taught…)
4) Are people encouraged to love people as Christ has commanded?
5) Are people loved and accepted, right where they are in life?

And really the ultimate question; is Jesus present in your life?

Matthew 18:20 "Where two or three have come together in my name, I am there among them."

Final thought: I do know this; Jesus would spend 99% of His time OUTSIDE the church ministering to people... which is just what He did when He was physically here on earth.