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My Insecurities

If I’m honest, which to me that is the only way to be, even at the expense of sharing “too much information”. I feel that if my story can help someone else, then I will tell it… the good, the bad and the ugly. This is what I see in the Bible; it not only tells the good things people did, but even the bad stuff. Look at David … wow … had an affair and then had the women’s husband killed … you would have thought he would have left that out … but it’s the truth … my story pails in comparison, yet it is my story … my journey.

I am not sure if it was having 3 father figures by the time I was 7 years old had anything to do with deep seeded insecurities, or if it is because I was a late bloomer and was very unpopular in Junior High… or the fact that I was a bed wetter til I was 14? All I know is that I was incredible insecure and wanted to be liked, accepted and cool.

And truthfully I am not sure that “insecurities” are something deep within our pasts that we necessarily need to dig up to find out WHY… I think we have all have insecurities and the important thing is to conquer them… to overcome them.

For me the best day in my life was when God brought me Jana in 1993 and she helped me face my insecurities and ultimately overcome them. Now of course I still deal with insecurities like every human being, but they typically do not control my actions.

Sometimes I’ve seen spouses ADD TO their mate’s insecurities … not good! Thankfully, for me, Jana helped sooth my insecurities and made me feel secure in our relationship and she helped my feel secure to be me. And, yes most definitely as I grew in my relationship with Christ I was able to find meaning and purpose in my relationship with Him … and as I have grown just naturally.

More later…

P.S. I encourage comments, though I will not post your comment if it’s 1) Anonymous, 2) Mean and Unchristian (like a recent comment I received!)

As with anything I say on my blog I am open for feedback, and discussion but not for people just spewing hateful rhetoric.