SEX Chocolate – 1 of 6

Okay, so I am going to blog about SEX… This is my first time to share my intimate thoughts on sex in a blog for the world to read… but I honesty do feel it will help you to have a very satisfying and fulfilling sex life... it will help if you are confused about sex, or unsatisfied in your sex life, or at least frustrated with your lack of a sex life.

Let me put my disclaimer out there before I get started: I personally, though I was unable to do it myself, think that sex should be experienced only within a committed loving relationship… which is what we call marriage today. Now, you may have a different perspective… but this is my blog! So there… ha ha!

Let’s just face it … and just be honest here shall we, without a ring on the finger the relationship may be loving, passionate, exciting, fun, enjoyable, happy, but it isn’t fully committed... you can walk away without involving an Attorney or a new last name.

Again, just my thoughts here… don’t run away yet… you’ll love what I have to share!

My First Time…

I lost my virginity on February 14, 1987 – in the back seat of an old Buick - I was just 17 years old – it was terrible. I wanted (and wish I would’ve) to save myself for my true love, for the one and only girl I would spend my life with… I wanted to wait till I was married! But as with most teenagers the pressure was just too overwhelming…I was weak and with the wrong girl (I hardly even knew this girl, and I most definitely didn’t love her) at the wrong time with alcohol in my system. Plus, I had seen too many reel to reel pornographic movies that my buddy’s dad had stashed in his basement… it made me curious… I mean the actors looked to be experiencing so much pleasure… could it be true I wondered… I had tasted of the forbidden fruit… and it was bitter.

Oh, and did I mentioned (for those who don’t know me) I was a good little Christian boy – born and raised!

…to be continued!
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