Have you ever felt YOU weren’t enough? Inadequate on some level? Not smart enough, not rich enough, not good-looking enough, not enough……… (You fill in the blank). And you hear in your head, “if I could only do ………… better I would be happy”.

If we are honest we all feel inadequate on some level. I personally don’t feel qualified all the time to be a pastor, a leader, a teacher, a father, and a husband. It sucks to feel that way.

And sometimes Christians really struggle with this because they heard somewhere that when you become a Christ follower, or become Christ Centered you won’t have that struggle anymore… or at least they’ve heard you “shouldn’t”… which is hog wash! Absolutely hog wash!

Though, I will say that you can get better at handling those internal struggles by asking yourself the following questions:

1) What activities make me feel good about myself? DO THEM REGULARLY!

2) What activities make me feel bad about myself? STOP DOING THEM!

I know, it’s so simple! But, again, if we are honest… this makes up a huge part of the fuel that feeds our struggle!

Think about it! Love you much!