I Want to Do Bad Things… Pt. 4

Pt. 4 “Taming the lion?”

So how do you and I tame the lion? Here are some super simple tools that I have found to be effective for me and those I have shared them with, yet they only work IF YOU DO THEM and do them consistently. You can’t do it like we do a diet… for 4 weeks we eat the right foods, drink water, lay off fast food, walk the neighborhood and after we lose 10lbs… we return right back to the previous bad habits and gain the 10lbs back, plus 3 extra pounds. What I am sharing here is a life-style change. You ready for it? I hope so.

1) Don’t FEED the BAD animal!

For example if you struggle with lust, then don’t feed that desire through porn or hanging out at Victoria Secrets to fondle every new pair of underwear. I encourage all guys (single and married) to download X3 watch on each of their computers... it's FREE!

To win the battle you must turn off whatever may be feeding the destructive desires in you… and here is the deal, YOU KNOW what those things are! It may be a group of friends who constantly talk negative about their husbands which causes you to grip about your husband… I would get new friends. If you think about the negative in someone, that is all you will ever see!

2) FEED the GOOD animal!

This is an easy one; Philippians 4 says that we should THINK on THINGS that are PURE, GOOD, etc. You must change what you allow your brain to dwell on…too many times we allow our minds to think on negative, bad stuff. We entertain fantasies that can be destructive… unless they are fantasies about and with your spouse!

3) Have someone to TALK to.

Along with the other 2 things I would tell your wife/husband/girlfriend/buddy what those things are that you struggle with. I have told Jana everything about me and how my brain functions… this has opened up for many great and liberating conversations for both of us. Make sure whoever you talk to is a SAFE person to talk to! Very important!

I think it’s really dangerous to have secrets… whether its secret struggles, secret sins, or even secret desires! Tell them… get them in the open!

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