I Want to Do Bad Things… Pt. 3

Pt. 3 “So, what’s the problem?”

Lurking within us all are 2 animals. One desires good things, the other desires bad things. And the strength of either animal determines your actions … ultimately your destiny.

Now, I think we would all agree that there are different degrees of evil lurking within each individual. For example, take a Jeffery Dahmer, he obviously had some serious evil lurking within, and for whatever reason he was unable to control it. I feel those kinds of evil represent a comparatively small percentage of people (compared to the worlds population of 8 billion). Though, I would estimate that there are people who have similar urges, yet are able to control or suppress them, for whatever reason. (*I do not have all the answers to such a complex subject such as this… but I do think I have some answers for HOW to control/suppress them and ultimately transform and change those desires)

But, for you and me, our “bad animal urges” would be considered somewhat normal, if I can say that… yet they are real, and cause a war within. And here is the reality, no matter how good a person is …there is a war within, and I only say that for 2 reasons; 1) if you have evil desires it doesn’t mean you are bad 2) bad desires are common … if you are human.

Read: Romans 7:15 – 24

So, what to do about it? Check back tomorrow…
I Want to Do Bad Things… Pt. 4 “Taming the lion?”