Now here’s a topic for discussion! Hell. Is it a real place? Who goes there? How to NOT go there? What does the Bible actually say about it? What did Jesus say about it?

I remember growing up to believe that “only us Pentecostals were going to avoid the flames of Hell. And everyone else was going to burn forever.” I of course no longer believe that! Thank God! But that is what I was taught and believed for many years.

But what is the truth about Hell? Can we fully know the mystery that surrounds it?

I want to hear from you; what do you say about it? Only if you are brave enough to put your thoughts out there for the world to see and critique! It takes guts to say what you think… and NO Anonymous responses please, only those who are brave enough to put their name to what they say will be approved!

Please answer the following questions so we can discuss:

1) Do you think it’s a real place?
2) Who goes to Hell?

Once you answer those questions I believe we’ll be able to have a great discussion!