A Gay Question

An email we received... thought you'd be interested in reading.

Dear Pastor Timmy,

I've enjoyed your online sermons. I just want to clarify for me though... you do believe homosexuality is sin and needs forgiveness right? And yet we are to love the sinner right?

Just checking.

Thanks for listening and I hope to hear from you a simple response on your view of homosexuality.

Raytown, Missouri

Here is my response:

Dear Rebecca,

Thank you and I am glad you enjoy watching our messages on line! That means a lot to us.

Your question is a tough question with no "simple" answer actually! I believe that the act of homosexuality is sin, or NOT God's ideal. And by God's "ideal" I mean not what he intended. God intended for ONE MAN and ONE WOMEN... hence Adam AND Eve.

But I DO NOT believe that being homosexual (or having homosexual desires) is a sin. Just like I believe being a heterosexual who desires many partners not a sin, but if you are a heterosexual and YOU have any partner other than your spouse - then it is sin. Make sense?

I do not believe that our sexual orientation is a sin, but what we do with our sexual desire can be.

I have a good Christian friend who is homosexual, and has been ever since he can remember... though he is not active. He has prayed and prayed and prayed, gone to counseling, etc, etc to have his "gayness" removed (his wording)... yet he remains attracted to the same sex. But, he remains single, and alone. Very tough! Very sad!

Imagine with me for a second here... imagine that Homosexuality was the norm. And in the beginning God created Adam and Mark... and you Rebecca were different then 96% of society... and you had desires that you could not explain for men... but, you know it's wrong, at least that is what you've been told... "You can't love a man Rebecca, you must love a woman". Wouldn't that be a sad life?

My heart hurts for those who struggle with homosexuality! There are no "simple" responses to tough issues... especially if you know someone struggling with this issue.

Truth: If we are honest, not a one of us is truly living God's ideal! We are all sinners, who desperately need Christ! And as Christ-followers our response to anyone facing this issue or any other issue we may face is LOVE!

I hope this brings some clarity to you.


Sincerely Yours,

Timmy Gibson