Public Speaking

Listed at the top of most people’s list of “things they fear the most” is PUBLIC SPEAKING!

I remember being scared to get in front of people years ago, I obviously have gotten over it, and though there are times I get more nervous than others; speaking to an unfamiliar crowd and small crowds (10 – 15 people). I know, weird huh?

But for those of you who may have to FACE the FEAR of public speaking someday… a few helpful hints...

When preparing the material ask yourself the following 2 questions:

1) What ONE THING do I want them to KNOW?

2) What ONE THING do I want them to DO?

There are a million ways to build a talk; here is the format I use:

The Big Idea: The main thought of what I am trying to communicate.

Introduction: Tell em what I am going to tell em.

Message: Tell em!

Closing: Tell em what I just told em.

Challenge: Get em to DO what I just told em.

Then on the natural side I would say just do your due diligence to study the material, be secure in the message (content) and have faith that God will do His work. Pretty simple, I know!

Each week I prepare a talk and I only want what is best for the audience I am speaking to! Pure and simple. I do enjoy speaking, but if I can’t speak about something I truly feel will help people have a better life, forget it! Meaningless.

So, make sure you have a message you feel passionate about, and go for it!

Let me know how it goes.