John 14:1

“Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God”

With the economy like it is, or at least like they say it is… the housing market and on and on it goes…. Frustration can creep in! And our hearts can become troubled, or fearful.

I love the scripture above; it encourages me to put my trust right where it belongs. And right where it’s safe… in the arms of God! But its not always easy!

I experience frustration, often actually! And I have to remind myself to “Trust God”. I think frustration comes when you expect one thing and get another. At least for me this is often the cause… I want or expect X, then I bust my hind-end and get Y… frustrating!

This is when I personally ask the tough questions; am I expecting too much? Do I need to change? Does something else need to change? Do I just need to keep pressing on?

Then, we wait to hear from God! And guess what? He always speaks. Not auditable of course, at least I have never heard an audible voice, as much as I would dig that it hasn’t happened.

Listen… God is speaking!