Unity NOT Conformity

This topic reminds me of a young fellow that used to attend Olathe Life Fellowship 2 years ago. He was just convinced in the theological position of “predestination”, which basically in short means that there are certain people who are predestined (or pre-picked) to go to heaven, and some aren’t. So basically God has said, “Okay, you, you and you come with me, and you, you and you go with Satan”. And that’s it. Shalom! Go, be happy!

Obviously from my sarcasm I do not hold to this belief. But interestingly enough I was cool with him believing that way, and actually I enjoyed our friendly debates from time to time, but the problem was HE wasn’t cool with me not believing the way he did.

Does that make sense?

Part of what makes a church community awesome is when each of us allows for the others views without judgment. Diversity! Remember its UNITY not CONFORMITY.

I do not expect each of you reading my blog to SEE IT MY WAY! Of course I am sharing with you the WAY I SEE IT. But your response should be to DIG IN for yourself, STUDY, ASK questions, DISCUSS, DEBATE, CHALLENGE and then form your beliefs.

We need to develop OUR OWN FAITH in God, not hang on SOMEONE else’s faith in God.

*This is an excerpt from my upcoming October 14, 2007 message entitled; Are You Happy...Really?