An Email to the Bullhorn Guy

I received an email from a bullhorn guy, asking me what I thought about his approach to "street evangelism"... and here was my reply:
Dear Bullhorn Guy,
Thank you! To be real honest I am not sure you want to hear what I have to say about the “bullhorn” style of evangelism. We met people down there in Westport that night and asked them what they thought of what you were doing (and some of the people were committed Christ-followers) and it was 100% negative feedback. And what really concerned me was that the feedback from people who need God in their lives was also negative… it was a turn off for them. Which just pushes them further away from Christ, the church and all things good.

I am sorry bro! I am just telling you what I think and what I hear from a lot of people… the street preaching stuff just isn’t my thing and honestly I do not think Jesus would be doing it. He (I think) would be IN THE BARS and CLUBS engaging in meaningful conversations with the lost just like He did when he was here on earth. Jesus NEVER forced HIS message on anyone. When Jesus spoke to people outside in large crowds the bible says THEY CAME TO HEAR HIM. He didn’t make them hear Him. I feel yelling at people on a corner is just flat ineffective and rude and wrong.

Now, on the flip side in some countries and maybe even in some areas it may work and even be a good thing… but not down in Westport!

Just my honest feedback. Take it or leave it.

Seriously I wasn’t even going to respond to your email, but I felt God prompt me that you were genuine and really love God and want God to use you to win people to Christ! I do feel you are genuine! Please always stay that way! Many blessings to you and you follow Jesus!
Not a bullhorn guy,