What a wonderful kick off for our series, ARE YOU HAPPY... REALLY? we had Sunday. Dr. Paul Fitzgerald from Breakthrough, spoke and did a wonderful job helping us understand that:

1) Hiding is a dis-ease.
2) God accepts us just as we are.
3) True healing happens when we're open and honest.

His message was taken from Matthew 9:19-21 (in Context) Matthew 9 (Whole Chapter)
Mark 5:24-26 (in Context) Mark 5 (Whole Chapter), and Luke 8:42-44 (in Context) Luke 8 (Whole Chapter).

There are many great things about our church, but one of my favorites is that at OLF you are accepted, loved and valued for who and what you are. The reality is that there's not a one of us right where God wants us (we are not perfect)... we are all on a journey of "becoming" (maturing, growing)... hopefully each of us are "becoming" all that God wants us to become!

Have a wonderful week!