What is Church?

I remember as a child going to church... every service, every week virtually the same; 3 songs, a sermon and a prayer (for Catholics it's 3 songs, a sermon, communion, then a prayer)! But once a year we'd cancel the service for a church potluck picnic... and that was out-of-the-box then.

As an adult the potluck thing is always a little scary... you find yourself asking, "I wonder who made this, and did they wash their hands with anti-bacterial soap?" Okay, maybe it's just me, still it's kinda freaky!

Anyway, what is a church service supposed to look like? That is a great question for which I am seeking the answer to.

On Sunday, September 23rd we did an OUT-OF-THE-BOX service called, The Sunday Morning Show with Timmy & Brandon. We totally got the format from David Letterman, Jay Leno, and Saturday Night Live… but of course cleaned it up a bit (rated G) and ran a positive theme through the entire program.

Basically we wanted to communicate that it’s okay to have LAUGH and have FUN in church AND that a church service doesn’t always HAVE to have 3 songs, a sermon, and a prayer. You can have a service where there is a strong message, a variety of music and the prayer took place the week before… and it still is effective and people were touched.

Here is just ONE of many great emails we’ve received about our Sunday Morning Show (service).

Just wanted to let everyone who was involved in last Sunday’s service what a fantastic job you did. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time, and never in church. You put a lot of thought and hours into that, and it showed. You all did wonderful and I wanted to let you know that.

I still have my safety guards up when it comes to church, and you are definitely making those guards come down little by little. Pretty much everything Pastor Timmy says about god, old church ways etc....are things I myself have thought to myself but never said aloud. Thank you for making me want to come to church. Thanks for all your hard work and honesty.

Thank you,