Being OPEN-MINDED doesn’t mean you CHANGE your beliefs, nor does it mean you believe everything that you hear! But you are WILLING and OPEN to hear another’s beliefs while withholding judgment.

QUOTE: “An open-mind can still travel a narrow road” – Darren Tyler

The whole, “you’re wrong, I’m right; and you should repent or you’re going straight to hell.” Just isn’t the approach I see Jesus using in the Bible.

I have a memory of being in elementary school back in the late 70’s (wow, I feel old!) at least I wasn’t in High School in the 70’s. (ha)

Anyway, I remember arguing with a teacher over the whole idea of the existence of Dinosaurs. I remember being told by my pastor that Dinosaurs did not exist because there was no mention of them in the Bible. Ignorant narrowmindedness on my part!

I feel this is one of the areas that we Christians can grow in... being open-minded... being able to LISTEN rather then judge and condemn.

Here is our Dig Deeper Devotional from the message on Narrow-mindedness vs. Open-mindedness.


[Romans 8:38-39]

What does that mean to you?


[Luke 23:33]

Why would Jesus do that?


[Matthew 9:5-7]

Whose sins can Jesus forgive?


[John 14:6-7]

What does that mean, “Jesus is the way”?


[Matthew 7]

What is this chapter say to you?
*Excerpt from Timmy's message on September 16, 2007