Appreciate every moment in life

Life doesn't always go as planned! And being happy is a choice we must make each morning when we wake up.

I must admit I am pretty optimistic and a fairly happy guy. Though I have those days when I am just not feeling it. I do not "feel" happy, and therefore it’s a struggle to act happy.

Now some people (I’ve heard) will just take a pill to make them happy. I do not support that lifestyle, though I do see why people do it. I personally think it is cheating, and a crutch to facing life head on. When you can face life head on you create opportunities for growth.

I recently watched the movie Peaceful Warrior which was a great movie by the way. In the movie there is a great scene that reinforces this thought of “Appreciating every moment in life”. Watch it and see if you find it!

Something to remember; not “every moment” in life is actually going to be enjoyable. We are going to have flat tires, crying kids, failed tests, low Sunday attendance (that’s for the pastors) and door dings. All these things are just one moment in life… don’t allow them to ruin your whole life.

Many times we’ll let the irritations in life become so big that they overshadow the great everyday things. For example, the very fact that you are able to read this is wonderful! Appreciate that!

Challenge: Look for what things in life that are great and appreciate the rest of what life brings your way!