Speak Your Partner's Love Language

One of the biggest challenges in any relationship is speaking your partner's love language. If you have never heard of that before let me introduce you to a book that impacted my marriage in a significant way. But before I do that, let me just give you a little explanation on the subject of Love Language.

Okay, so the premise of the book, though it's been many years since I read it, is that we all have a primary love language and why this is important to know is because we feel LOVED MOST when someone is speaking OUR particular love language. 

The 5 Love Languages

  1. Physical Touch
  2. Quality Time
  3. Acts of Service
  4. Words of Affirmation
  5. Receiving Gifts

The Problem

We typically speak to our partner in our love language, but if that isn't their love language then they won't feel the love from it like we do when it is given to us. For example if your love language is "Receiving Gifts" than you won't feel as loved if I am giving you "Words of Affirmation." You will feel loved if I bring you a gift. Make sense?

This is how and why a couple can be in a pretty good relationship, but be lacking in feeling fulfilled and loved. Typically this is because the wrong love language is being spoken and your partner doesn't speak that language, so they do not understand or feel loved.

Bottom Line

Find out what Language your partner speaks, speak it! 

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. You can also take the test to verify your love language. Make sure to have your partner take the test too, then make sure you are speaking the right love language to them so they feel loved.


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