Kansas City's Matchmaker

I have people say to me all the time, "Hey if you meet a really great guy/gal keep me in mind!" Or, "Hey if you meet a winner make sure to hook me up!" Basically what they are asking is for me to be a "Matchmaker" and I love it. I love the idea so much I recently uploaded a short video on facebook requesting singles to send me their info and I'd help them meet some people.

I honestly had no expectations. Maybe I'd get one, maybe two people interested ... no, I had 30 people. Crazy awesome! I actually got so many that I am rethinking just how I am going to do this and keep track of it all.

So here is the deal: All those who submit themselves for my Matchmaking Service between now and Valentine's Day will get it FREE for (1) year, after Valentine's Day (February 14, 2016) there will be a nominal fee. (More on that later)


I've always thought it was a brilliant idea. It has nothing to do with me now offering it, but I really think the concept is fantastic! I have several reasons for this, and I have had these reasons confirmed as being helpful with singles I know.

1) As a Matchmaker I will be objective in the selection process, rather than emotional.

Why is this important? Simple, when you are emotional about the process you often will make poor decisions rather than making the right decision. For example, I have worked with many singles over the years who continue to date the wrong kind of person. Not because they are bad, or even the kind of person who normally makes poor choices. In fact this particular person I am thinking of now is very successful in her career, but she continues to make poor choices when it comes to dating. (I am sure many of you can relate!)

2) A Matchmaker can save you much heartache.

Again, like #1 a Matchmaker (I) will not pair you with someone that is not a fit. Let's say you are highly religious, and faith plays a huge role in your life. Well I will not "match" you with someone who is an atheist. Nor would I want to do that to an atheist. I would match him with another atheist, or someone who doesn't care about matters faith. Make sense? And this is hugely helpful because I can't tell you how many people have "falling with feelings for someone" and it only ended with heartache later because they weren't a good match. And I would have seen that when looking at matches.

3) Matchmaking is more than just matching you with someone.

I will be helping singles with all the facets of dating life. I will help people, if those who are willing to humble themselves and listen, with their style, personal development, their emotional state, their etiquette, and so on. Things that definitely make a difference when dating. Some people don't care about these things, and that is fine if you are looking for someone who also doesn't care about those things. But, if you care but just don't know or just haven't taken action, I will help. 

4) Save time.

Many single people just don't have time to date. And as a Matchmaker I will be doing the searching for you which saves you time. Plus you won't have to go on 10 dates to only find out they aren't a fit. I will only connect you with someone I feel is a real candidate. 

5) You are looking for true love.

I know some people are just looking to "hook up" ... well I am not in the hook up business. As a matter of fact not everyone who wants me to be their matchmaker will get me. If I feel that they are a douchebag than I won't have anything to do with them. I am only looking for quality people who are in search of love.

If you are interested, or know someone interesting in my Matchmaking Service, please email me, or have them email me before February 14, 2016 to get in for a FREE year!