Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not - 1.jpg

It's quite possible you are feeling 'forgotten' in your relationship, and if not maybe you are the one who has forgotten, and it's your partner who feels 'forgotten'. Either way it happens to all of us. 

I think we all feel like we worked so hard to get someone to fall in love with us that once we've gotten them to love us, we're done. We've conquered, we've won, we've captured, we've "hunted and killed" as they say. But what we did to get our partner is typically what we need to do to keep them. It's not over once you walk the aisle. It's only just begun! 

Too many times we assume our partner knows how much we love them. We think, "I told you I loved you on our wedding day, surely that's enough, right!? " Ha ha! And if I can trail off here for a second and say, it's no wonder she isn't as interested in sex anymore... you aren't paying as much attention to her, she feels forgotten.  When you first met you were doing it "like rabbits," but of course you were calling her 20 times a day, doing special things, saying special things, etc. Just sayin! I would imagine if you started doing all the things you did when you first met maybe you'd find everything would go back to those early days.

No one wants to feel forgotten in a relationship. And frankly no one even wants to even feel 2nd place. We want to be 1st place. We want to be #1. And when we're not, troubles are likely ahead, so it's important to correct it fast.

A Few Simple Things To Let Them Know You Haven't Forgotten Them

1) Use Your Words.

2) Notes, Cards.

3) Small Gifts.

4) What Do They Like To Do? Take them to do that!

5) Small Get-Getaways.

6) Get Creative ... put some thought into it.

Make and take time for each other! You'll be so glad you did!