Just Let It Happen

I remember back when I was single and I wanted to be married so bad. I was on the search for that special someone. I was going on two and three dates a week, frantically looking for love. And it wasn't until I just let it happen that it finally did happen ... now 22 years ago! I don't feel that old! Ha ha!

So this blog is for those of you in the "dating" phase of life! Listen up, this will help you in so many ways. Frankly it could save you from marrying the wrong person and being miserable and one day getting divorced! Yeah, for realz!

Calm the freak down! Don't be desperate. Have faith that the right person is out there and you don't need to go crazy to find them, they will come to you! I promise! Of course, if you live under a rock then maybe we should figure something else out. I am a firm believer that God (or whatever it is you believe in: the stars, the planet, mother earth, etc) will bring you together. The most important thing is that you are working on yourself! 

I believe that spending energy on being the best version of yourself is way more important than the energy you would spend in desperate search of the "right" person. Then when you meet that person, relax just let it happen. 

One of the worst things I've seen people do when they meet someone they really like is live out of fear of losing them rather than thankfulness for having met them. (that is a twittable quote right there!) And when you live out of fear you do things you wouldn't normally do, you say things you wouldn't normally say, you act in a way that's no longer attractive. Does this make sense? 

I've done it, you've done it ... acted almost neurotic? You even have said to yourself, "what am I doing ... I am losing myself here! Why am I doing this?" I recently told a single person I was coaching, "Live out of love, live out of faith, live out of compassion, live out of peace, live out of joy and then you will be so attractive and desireable."  Plus, it's important to be the person you are normally so you don't attract someone who likes the crazy version of you when that's not really you. Make sense? You want to make sure they are falling in love with the right person, who you really are, not the nutty version of you. 

It's important to not be bringing undue stress into the relationship, you want to be bringing love, joy and peace into the relationship. Relationships are stressful enough, it's not helpful when you add to it because we are living out of fear rather than thankfulness! 

Let me know your thoughts! Please comments!