Is Heaven Real?

I am, as a pastor, asked often about my views on Heaven. People are always asking me questions like: Is it a real place? Will I be married there? Will I recognize people there? Can I have sex there? (Guys are always asking me that!) What will we do in Heaven? Where is Heaven?
On one hand my answer is simple, I don’t really know! I mean who does really know for sure, I mean really! How can we, you can’t vacation there and return with pictures to tell about it. People have claimed to have died and gone to Heaven and then returned to write a book about it. I am not saying that it didn’t happen or that it’s not true, I am just sayin. They can’t prove they went to Heaven, and no one can prove they didn’t. So, is Heaven real?
Let me start with the question; is Heaven Real? Yes, I do believe that it is. I believe in a literal Heaven, a place you go to after death. I believe it is a place that God prepared for us by His own hands (obviously His creative power of words, not that He actually swung a hammer and handled a saw,) and that Jesus died to get us there. I can’t upload pictures of Heaven to my instagram or faecbook, but there are ancient manuscripts (The Bible) that give some insights to what Heaven will be like. But it only gives us a glimpse, it’s definitely not conclusive.  It’s a place that I am sure will surprise, and amaze every minute we are there!
I truly believe that Heaven will not be a place we float around while singing worship songs written by Hillsong (I love Hillsong songs, I’m just sayin!) Honestly, I love Jesus with all my heart, but I don’t want to do that!
I believe that Heaven will be basically a place where all that is will be good, pleasing, healthy, whole, loving, forgiving, etc. All things good. A place absent of all evil, and all that comes with evil. Now, on all the other questions about sex, marriage, kids, etc.  I don’t know for sure, but I believe that Heaven will be must like our existence now, but again, just absent all things bad. Heaven will be full of all that God intended! Nothing will be broken or out of place. No pain. No heartache. No death. No Loss. No lies. Only peace. Only goodness. Only love. A perfect place!
As you know, our world – here and now – is broken.  We are a broken people, and earth is broken too. We can do and should do all that we can to “save the planet” but more importantly we should do all that we can to “save our lives.” Jesus is the one who can help us put the broken pieces of our life together. I challenge you to trust in Him today!