Make Your Life Great

Are you living the life you want to live?

Do you have the kind of friends you wish to have?

Do you have a job you love?

Are you happy in your marriage?

Are you happy with your relationship with your children?

Do you love your home?

Are you growing in your relationship with God?

These are some great questions for us all to consider this first week of the New Year; especially since we are just a couple days in to the New Year. What do you want out of this one and only life you get to live? If you want great stuff, then put great stuff into it! You get, primarily, from life, relationships, faith, love, companionship, what you put into it. 

If you want to make your life great, then start putting great stuff into your life ... today! Then everyday after that continue to put great stuff in, then continue on this path for the rest of your days here on earth. And if you do the universe (I believe it to be God) will bring you the life you've always dreamed of having. This of course doesn't mean you will be exempt from trials and hardships, life is life and always will be life ... and sometimes "shit happens."


Sit down this weekend and go through the questions above, answer them honestly. Then create a simple action plan to begin heading in the direction you wish to go. And remember it's not about getting there tomorrow, or even by the end of this year, but to be headed that way at least. Make sense?