Robin Williams (July 21, 1951 - August 11, 2014)

I just heard the news of Robin Williams death, and I am deeply saddened. I grew up watching Robin on Mork and Mindy, a TV series that first aired in 1978 and ran up through the 80's! Robin was fantastic, very very funny. He went on to be in so many other popular TV series, and major motion pictures ... too many to list here. Pretty much everything he did was amazing. He was absolutely brilliant, yet he struggled with his own inner demons.

The reports I read said that Robin suffered with severe depression, and that also makes me very sad. He was a man who brought joy to so many, and yet he was unable to bring that joy home to himself. Heartbreaking!

Though I did not know him personally, I will miss what I did know of him; his acting, and his comedic gift.

R.I.P. Robin, you will be missed!