5 Roadblocks to Getting a Date

The reality is that there are probably some reasons certain people get dates easily, and others do not. Here are 5 helpful things to consider. Of course this only matters if you WANT to go on dates! Ha ha!

  1. Your style.
To be "fashion conscience" doesn't mean you must look like someone else, or that you should flip through the latest magazine and adopt the latest trend in fashion as yours! No, no no!  Don't be someone you are not, but it's important to have a style. I am sure you are aware, there are a million different "styles" out there, find one or create one.

For example: Might be time to cut the mullet, and donate the Jordache jeans to Good Will and drop those mesh crop tops in the trash … and that's just the guys I'm talking to!

Seriously though, it's important to have some fashion sense, especially if you are single and looking to ever get a date! Consult with someone who knows something about style, and have a make-over of sorts. Just make sure it's a style that is reflective of you and your personality.

  1. Personal Hygiene.
Good grooming techniques are important in getting dates, or at least getting a second date. Trim your nails, brush your teeth, bathe, where cologne (Some people are very sensitive to smells … you want to make sure you produce a pleasant smell not an offensive one), put some deodorant on, etc. And make sure to shave the hair above the nose that connects the eyebrows, etc.

  1. Your Manners, or lack of. (This is a very important one!)
You may have some bad habits you are unaware of; smacking when you eat, picking your nose, interrupting people when they are talking, talking over people, standing too close to people, talking too loud or any annoying traits that you aren't aware of but others are picking up from you.

Maybe “your manners” are a little creepy, like staring weirdly at someone you feel is attractive … yet you say not a word. Creeper alert! Again consult some people and get some helpful feedback.

Ask some of your close friends, they will tell you, hopefully., if not call me (913) 390-1200 and I will consult you.

  1. You're too busy.
You may be the perfect catch for someone, but you are simply too busy. You don't get out there. So no one knows you are available. If your working a ton of hours, and do not have anytime for yourself, then it's going to be a challenge to get dates. Make time to date.

  1. Too Eager.
Eager can be good, but being too eager can be a turn off. No one wants someone who is desperate.

Here is a LINK to the TV interview on Better KC on KCTV 5: VIDEO