I See Problems, God Sees Answers

There are five kinds of people, as I see it, when it comes to dealing with problems.

1) Those who see problems and love to point them out. (Problem Finders)

2) Those who see problems and love to whine, grip and complain about them. (Problem Whiners)

3) Those who act as though there are no problems. (Where's Waldo Problems)

4) Those who see problems and want nothing to do with them so they run away. (Problem Chickens)

Then there is my personal favorite ...

5) Those who see problems and go straight to trying to find answers and fix them. (Problem Solvers)

The three most destructive behaviors are #2, #3, and #4 ... and to me the most destructive to an organization is #2, Problem Whiners. These are the people who spoil not only themselves, but everyone else around them. They are poisonous to any team attempting to accomplish a vision. Complaining is easy... it's a sign of laziness. Don't be that guy!

There are always going to be problems, in every family, in every church, in every work place, in every school, in every team, in every organization, absolutely everywhere. And this is because there are no perfect people.

My Challenge:

Be a problem solver in whatever church, team, organization, school, group you are in! Be the kind of person who when you see a problem you look to find answers and then ACT! Fix it! Rally people around you to help you fix it. Let people know TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS!

Side note:  I believe in a Christian context that usually when we see a problem God is calling us to FIX IT! That is why the problem has been revealed to us, because we have the capacity to do something about it. This should give you a different perspective on "problems." They are revealed to you to do something about it, so be a person of courage and ACT!