Slay Your Demon (2 of 3)

Much like the story of David and Goliath our "inner demons" can seem too big to defeat, but "with God all things are possible" and "greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world". We can win the fight to live right. So let's continue talking about how to "Slay Your Inner Demon."

3) Share with a trusted friend the demons you fight - This can be very scary, but vulnerability can literally save your life. It has saved me many times! I learned years ago that sharing my struggles was the best thing in conquering my struggles. Sharing my demons with trusted friends actually helped to empower me to keep fighting against them and win! Plus, frankly it took something that was in darkness and brought it to light and helped to hold me accountable.

If you are married, I pray you are as fortunate as I am and can tell your spouse about your demon! She has been the biggest help in keeping me strong and safe.

4) Always keep your guard up - Always protect yourself. Again, this is why #1 Knowing Your Demon is so important. It's so important to always stay on guard. I call this, "Having Healthy Boundaries." Like I said, knowing your struggle is critical because you can set boundaries up around yourself to protect yourself from external temptation.

We already wrestle the demon within (thinking about doing bad in our mind or dreams) but to coupe that with an opportunity to "do what you are wrestling with doing already in your mind" is a recipe for disaster.

There are times that my struggle is worse than others. Meaning, there are times it's almost like I have no demon to wrestle, I sometimes feel like, "yay I must have killed it!" Than a couple months go by and it's resurrected. This is why I always keep my guard up.

5) Starve Your Demon - This means do not feed your demon! You only made the craving more intense. You must starve it. For example if your demon is *lust, do not fuel that lust with lyrics, images, or people that will only inflame and agitate your inner struggle. The weird thing about the lust struggle is that sexual images do not satisfy the craving, it actually intensifies it. It makes it worse. Sexual images actually feed the demon of lust.

(*I will do a blog this week just on that one demon; LUST, and how to cage it and even tame it! I will give thoughts and things I hope will help both the single person and the married person!)

6) Feed Your Spirit - This is absolutely critical to your survival, coupled with previous point! Your inner man, your spirit man, which I would consider the REAL you, the God part of you,  this is the part of you that wants to do right, be right and live right. You must build this part of you up by 1) Reading the right things, 2) Saying the right things, 3) Believing the right things, 4) Looking at the right things, and finally, 5) Doing the right things.

To Be Continued ...