How to be an Irresistible Man

I believe with all my heart that any man, well most any, can be irresistible. I really do believe that. And just like we learned from the movie Hitch with Will Smith as the Date Doctor, it doesn't work if it’s fake. It must be genuine.  If you are simply ‘acting’ irresistible, the wife, girlfriend, etc. will see right through it. Plus who wants to be a fraud or be with a fraud? Not a trait of irresistibility. And if you do want to be a fraud, stop reading this post please!

Now, being irresistible will look different for and to different people. I mean what is ‘irresistible’ to one person may not be ‘irresistible’ to another. So I am going to try and give you a snap shot of the heart behind being irresistible.

1. not able to be resisted or refused;
2. very fascinating or alluring 

I believe it starts with being selfless, at least as much as possible. We are selfish by nature and this is something that flies in the face of what we naturally want to do, but you need to be in control of yourself. But specifically I want to talk about ‘irresistibility’ as it relates to dating relationships, or marriage. How can you, if you are single, be irresistible to the one’s heart you are trying to capture? Or if you are married, how can you be irresistible to your spouse?

And really being irresistible isn't about being irresistible, but about loving someone like crazy! It’s about loving someone so much that they find you irresistible.

  1)      Study them.

So what are your wife’s likes and dislikes? What kind of food does she like? What places would she wish to visit? What smells does she like? What colors does she like? What kind of music does she like to listen to? On and on! Cater to those things!

  2)      Do the little things.

Little things matter! For example last Saturday morning I got up to fix breakfast for the family as I always do, but this time I brought my wife’s breakfast to her in bed.  It’s the little notes, cards, and other little things that make a big difference.

  3)      Make it your life’s mission to serve them. 
      If every husband would just go all about in love and service to his wife, I doubt they would complain about not getting any physical lovin from her! Just sayin! Not that that should be the motivation, but it’s true. It’s when we men get selfish that they then begin to get selfish.

  4)      Be romantic. 

      I believe in making even small dates just a touch more romantic with something special. Like one time we simply went out for ice cream and I brought-a-long a candle for the table! We had Ice Cream by candlelight! Everyone else wondered where their candle was! Ha ha!
  5)      Make every day a new day. 

      I try to make my wife feel loved, like really loved every day! I want her to feel secure in my love for her. Often when she comes home from a Grocery Store run I grab her and hug and kiss her like she was gone for a week and I missed her! It’s easy to do, but also easy not to do.
  6)      Focus on the good. 

      It’s easy to find fault in others. Life is too short for that, I believe! There are faults all around us and to focus on them is just miserable! Now, obviously if they are bad you must deal with them, fix them, get help, etc. I am not saying overlook negative behavior! But often we let the little things ruin so much, when the good is so much better than the bad. Make sense?

  7)      Make it your job to bring them happiness. 

      Adjusting your mindset a bit can help too. Rather than thinking about what ‘they’ need to do to make ‘you’ happy, ask yourself; what can I do to make them happy?  And then deliver. I believe that this works best when both are thinking this way about each other! It sucks if only one is doing this! You get tired of giving, giving, giving, when they just take, take, take!

I also understand that you can’t ‘make’ someone happy! They must be happy, BUT I think that you can contribute to their happiness in what you do, and say.


I think many marriages fail today because we are so selfish. I believe that if men would go all out in crazy selfless love towards their wives we’d have happier homes, because we'd have happier wives! Maybe I am naïve, I've only been married for 20 years, but it’s worked for us so far! There are days I do not feel like doing any of the things I have mentioned here, and I want to be selfish! Ha ha! Trust me, ask my wife! But I know she would tell you that I practice what I preach! She feels super special, super loved, super cherished by me! She knows I am crazy about her - I not only tell her with words, but I show her with action. Way too many wives we've talked to don’t feel this way, and frankly it breaks my heart, because they should! Every wife in the world should feel cherished by their husband just as I believe every husband should be over sexed by their wife!