Good Grief – Holidays

If you follow my blog you know that I am grieving the loss of my sister, Kimberle Rae, and blogging about it. She passed away back at the end of July, so nearly 5 months ago now. And as I have mentioned in previous blogs, it does get easier with time, but the holidays add a new element I hadn't really planned on … missing her for the Holidays! It’s been extremely difficult for my parents, and I am sure it will be for some time.

I find the only thing that helps, outside my faith in God, is honoring her by living a life that would make her proud! I know, simple thinking, but it works for me. I don’t honor her by shutting down, or by curling up in a ball and just crying every day. Now, I have my moments, but I must move forward and live life to the full.

I know many wonder how I am doing, and I appreciate that very very much! I am touched by those who are so sympathetic and emphatic to my loss! I can tell you that when I hear of someone losing someone I am much more understanding now than I ever was before! I truly feel for them and their loss! It sucks, especially during the Holidays!

To all those who have lost someone, I pray that the Holidays will bring you peace and joy in the midst of the pain of loss you feel! My heart truly aches with yours! Much love!