Do What You Love

I know this is a popular saying, but it is so very true as well as key to living a happy and fulfilling life!

I realize that what many of us do for a "job" may not be, 'what we love,' but you can put your heart into something even if you don't 'love' it. Because what we do is a reflection of who we are, and not just what we 'do' but how we do what we do matters.

The Bible says that we should, "work as unto the Lord" which simply means that we shouldn't work only for our human boss, but the big boss, God! How would you work differently knowing that God is really your ultimate Boss? Would you be at work late? Would you do a half-axx job? Would you be wasting time on a social media site?

All that aside, whatever you do, "do it as unto the Lord" and see what joy you will begin to receive from a job well done. Take pride in what you do, no matter what it is, I promise you will feel better about yourself and your job!

Last nugget, make sure that whatever it is you really love, whether it's spending time with friends, riding bikes, taking a hike in the woods, reading, etc. Do it! Find time, make time! Life is way too short to not spend some time doing what you love to do! Do it while you can!