Fight Fair

All couples, who live together, fight! It's normal and even healthy to fight ... what matters is HOW you fight. Just like in a Boxing Match there are rules, or guidelines that both opponents much abide by ... a rule book for How to Fight Fair is what every couple needs

There are some staple rules, but the rules will vary with each individual depending on their background, personality, and temperament.

Rules for everyone:

1)      No screaming!

2)      No name-calling!

3)      No hitting!

4)      No throwing things!

5)      Leave your gloves on at all times!

It’s important to remember that when fighting (just a side note if you are in a brand new relationship and you are thinking; “like oh my gosh, we never ever fight … its all love, hugs and kisses.” Trust me, give it a few weeks, maybe a few months, you’ll be fighting! Ha ha! Can I hear an amen somebody! Okay, so when you fight it’s important to be thinking WIN WIN. Remember, you are on the same team. It’s not about winning the argument, or putting them in their place. It’s about coming to an agreement that works for you and your partner! Too many times when we are fighting we are thinking in our mind, “I am going to set them straight, or get them to understand me.” And the problem is that your partner is typically thinking the same thing … when you BOTH should be SEEKING to understand each other rather than be UNDERSTOOD.

We fight, or should fight, to RESOLVE issues, not to bash each other!

Let’s just be real here; no two people are exactly alike, and that means there are going to be times in the relationship that you do not see eye to eye, and that is okay! Totally okay! And you can actually even have a wonderful relationship without agreeing, or seeing eye to eye on every single issue. Now, you must come to an understanding or some common ground, but you can be an individual with thoughts of your own!

Happy fighting!